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About me . .
My name is Kevin Katzke, owner, skipper and chef of yacht Catatude. I am a 52 year old  adventurer by heart and soul, people say one is born this way; it’s in your genes. Adventurers are mostly entrepreneurs as well, three examples that come to mind (and there are many hundreds), are Richard Branson, Steve Fosset and our local hero Mike Blythe.
Many years ago I met my wife, best friend and life partner, Laura. Besides bringing up four daughters we left our cozy 9 to 5 jobs and started a business selling barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collection units and labels. Our family and friends thought we had lost our marbles and thought we were quite irresponsible starting a new business from nothing whilst still having to bring up a young family. Well, 25 odd years down the line we have a flourishing multi million rand business that provides employment for over 50 people.
I have flown microlight aircraft, fixed winged aircraft, helicopters and my favorite flying machine being my Faithful Magni Gyrocopter named “Cizzy”.
Laura and I, circumnavigated our amazing country in our Gyrocopter following its entire border line, we have flown to the remotest parts of Namibia and Botswana all in all spending 5000 hours in the air, that’s besides all my 1 minute skydiving freefalls from 10.000ft.
Laura and I have also done some extensive 4X4 vehicle exploration in Southern Africa and our Northern neighbours sometimes being 3 days drive from civilization. That’s when you don’t want to break a leg or get bitten by a snake or a scorpion.  Our other passion is scuba diving.
On the 4th of June 2006 I had a near fatal skydiving accident.                         

Why did I choose a Knysna 440 Catamaran?
I wanted a sailboat more than I wanted a floating holiday home, I wanted a catamaran that was well designed with sleek hulls that would glide through the water with the least amount of energy wasted, in other words I wanted a boat that likes to sail.
I wanted a boat that could motor with its small 29hp diesel motors and 3 blade props comfortably at 8 knots on a flat sea running both motors at 75% power setting, or at 6 knots running one motor, and not have to fit 40hp motors to achieve the same results, less fuel burn(2.5l per motor, per hour), less weight, cheaper running cost as fuel is not readably available in East Africa, Madagascar and most of the Indian Ocean islands and Atolls, our first adventure site with our new baby.
I wanted a well built strong, yet light boat with a good track record, i.e. there are 64 Knysna 440 out on the ocean and most of them are blue water sailors, I wanted a boat that we could customise to our needs so that we could sustain a satisfying life onboard whilst cruising our amazing planet.
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About me . .
Why did I choose a Knysna 440 Catamaran?

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